Three & XL monthly internet service comparison

I'm speaking from self experience here, not making up facts. I've used both operator for quite some time, and found that each has their own pros and cons.

Down to Earth

The video of Time Lapse from Space re-introduce me to this Peter Gabriel's song (what, you think of the Bieber's song?) from WALL-E soundtracks. The beat and the lyrics are really nice to hear, I often set mplayer to play it on infinite loop :)

It's four, do you hear?

"I'll tell you, I'll tell you all right!" he screamed. "Two and two is four and two times two is four, even if you stand on your head, pound these mountains all to dust, drink the ocean dry and swallow the sky—do you hear? Two and two is four!!"
The machine moved away from the cave, letting in a little pale light, and gave a piercing scream: "That's not true! It's seven! Say it's seven or I'll hit you!"

Testing BlogAPI

Sent from Drivel Journal Editor using MovableType API (but it's Drupal site, rite?)

Combine several PDF into one PDF on Linux

I've got several PDF documents that need to converted into one PDF document. There's several way to do this on Linux. First, let see how to do it the hard way :D

On common Linux installation, we can use already provided tools like pdf2ps, ps2pdf or ghostscript to combine pdf. Let say we put the pdf files in a folder named "convert". The commands below will produce combined.pdf file:
$ cd ./convert
$ for file in *.pdf; do pdf2ps $file; done;
$ cat *.ps >
$ ps2pdf

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