Only "can't do" just once

A good article from mas Vavai, "If you can't do things, only "can't do" just once". Learn so you can do it the next time you had the chance.

ps: not sure if I'm translating it right

Why "New Year" is irrelevant

Phil Plait a.k.a Bad Astronomer wrote about how years "work" and why astronomers are less enthusiasts about New Year :)

Some excerpt:

Let’s say we used a stopwatch to measure the elapsed time. We’ll see that it took the Earth 31,558,149 seconds (some people like to approximate that as pi x 10 million (31,415,926) seconds, which is an easy way to be pretty close). But how many days is that?

Moving to Textpattern

Well, it seems MovableType also doesn't suit my taste, so I change the CMS software (again!) to Textpattern.

Let see how long it will last :)

Hello MovableType

Goodbye to Drupal (for now), welcome MT

Real-life (?) Nyan Cat


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