TIL: always make explicit contract

Time? Wasted.
Money? Wasted.
Energy? Wasted.
Trust? F***n' gone. (Really, man? Why do I have to know it from 3rd party?)

Guess my own fault for not enforcing explicit contract, since all that buddy-buddy-and-friends issue.

Time to send a bill, though I don't really expect to see a dime...

Jakarta, the hell hole.

I've always told myself, whatever happens, I won't ever live in Jakarta. It's awfully hot and hostile. It's not the place to maintain your sanity.

This article on Counterpunch provide a alternate view how Jakarta became a cruel city it is now. Not entirely accurate IMO, but it does raises some good points (or bad points, depends how you see it).

Gong Xi Fa Cai

恭喜发财. Congratulations, and be prosperous

Mercury - Gemini: Journey to The Moon

Compared to Apollo missions, Mercury and Gemini missions really not on the same par of popularity. Still, it must've feels great for the astronauts participating on those missions.

Lucky me, instant wealth

Waaait, that doesn't seem legit...

Joke aside, I wonder if the scammers has any common sense at all. People alarm would instantly go off just by looking at the sender name and email address; Why would Western Union rep sending email using Zarouni Foods address?

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