Commuting on Pangkalpinang

Despite it's status of province capital, Pangkalpinang actually still a small town. Not even on the same caliber as other Sumatra cities. Traffic is very smooth, like captured on this video.

Notice that on average the streets are quite empty, even though it's the main road on the morning, when people rushing to work. Oops, not quite rushing, we take our time.

Video taken using Samsung Galaxy Y, edited with ffmpeg.

Eid Mubarak :)

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum, shiyamana wa shiyamakum, wa ja’alanallahu minal ‘aidin wal faizin

Semoga Allah menerima (amalan-amalan) dari kami dan kalian, puasa kami dan puasa kalian, dan semoga Allah menjadikan kita termasuk (orang-orang) yang kembali (kepada fitrah) dan (mendapat) kemenangan

Busur hujan

Also known as rainbow/ pelangi :P Spotted this afternoon. Full arc, crisp color, with a hint of second outer arc. How often you see a rainbow so nearly perfect like this one?

Picture taken at home, where the view obviously obstructed by other houses, but it's full arc, I swear. And note that it's taken using a pocket camera, so it's not like I could snap entire arc anyway.

NB: 1year++!

TIL: always make explicit contract

Time? Wasted.
Money? Wasted.
Energy? Wasted.
Trust? F***n' gone. (Really, man? Why do I have to know it from 3rd party?)

Guess my own fault for not enforcing explicit contract, since all that buddy-buddy-and-friends issue.

Time to send a bill, though I don't really expect to see a dime...

Jakarta, the hell hole.

I've always told myself, whatever happens, I won't ever live in Jakarta. It's awfully hot and hostile. It's not the place to maintain your sanity.

This article on Counterpunch provide a alternate view how Jakarta became a cruel city it is now. Not entirely accurate IMO, but it does raises some good points (or bad points, depends how you see it).

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