Jakarta, the hell hole.

I've always told myself, whatever happens, I won't ever live in Jakarta. It's awfully hot and hostile. It's not the place to maintain your sanity.

This article on Counterpunch provide a alternate view how Jakarta became a cruel city it is now. Not entirely accurate IMO, but it does raises some good points (or bad points, depends how you see it).

And then it hit me; Pangkalpinang might have the same latent problems that could make it end up like Jakarta. Ineffective bureaucracy cost the public loss of rights they deserve: public transport, clean water, equal educations, etc. The people obliged to be ignorant since there aren't anything can be done, because they have no say in policy making nor any influence. The ones that have power aren't keen to develop the city for public interest, only for private one.

What must be done?

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