Three & XL monthly internet service comparison

I'm speaking from self experience here, not making up facts. I've used both operator for quite some time, and found that each has their own pros and cons.

Three internet service is good for cellphone use. It's cheaper than XL for the same quota, the speed is quite good, and it rarely disconnect. Combined with Opera Mini, it's a decent mobile experience. But it can be disappointing for modem usage. Once you hit the fair usage limit, the speed went to abyss. I have to exclusively use Lynx all the time, as it's the only browser that can make the sluggishness bearable.

Doesn't mean XL was much better. Sure, it still gives decent speed even if the usage already far surpassed the quota. But it often disconnect unexpectedly; I've already disconnected 5 times when writing this entry. It's plain annoying to reconnect every 10 minutes or so. It means, unlike with Three, I couldn't leave my laptop overnight to update Debian/ BlankOn or to leech torrents. Oh, and also it seems to particularly hate Twitter. I often get "403 error" when trying to open Twitter, while at the same time I had no problems browsing other sites.

I hope in the near future, their service will be much better.

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