Since the previous Drupal install on this site is somehow messed really bad (nts: backup before tinkering), I had to do fresh install of Drupal 6. I'd like to install Drupal 7, but the hosting service didn't support it, yet.

I use some modules; some of them familiar, others I put to learn what it's supposed to do. They are:

  • admin_menu
  • cck
  • ctools
  • globalredirect
  • imageapi
  • imagecache
  • imagecache_profiles
  • imce
  • imce_wysiwyg
  • mobile_tools
  • nodequeue
  • panels
  • pathauto
  • poormanscron
  • token
  • views
  • wysiwyg

I also want to create mobile version of this site, but after following several how-to's, I still had no luck. Wondered what I did wrong...

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