No register/ login link

Danland(and it's subtheme Danblog) is a really good theme for Drupal. The only thing I don't like is that by default it shows register/login link on upper right corner. But we can remove it easily. Open up the page.tpl.php and page-front.tpl.php and remove/ comment the following line:

<ul><?php global $user; if ($user->uid != 0) { print '<li class="first">' .t('Logged in as '). '<a href="' .url('user/'.$user->uid). '">' .$user->name. '</a></li>'; print '<li><a href="' .url('logout'). '">' .t('Logout'). '</a></li>'; } else { print '<li class="first"><a href="' .url('user'). '">' .t('Login'). '</a></li>'; print '<li><a href="' .url('user/register'). '">' .t('Register'). '</a></li>'; } ?></ul>

And while we're at it, make sure that only site administrators can register new user or that administrator approval is required for new user registration.

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